Tuesday, 2 August 2016

When Christianity Wasn’t Correctly Told To You

Right now I feel to say this.

I pray for the people who are going through something but they would rather not speak to anyone about what is really hurting them. I pray for those who see another year and another month and another day go by but their situation has not got better. I pray for those who wish they could commit suicide right now. I am not going to say "God will make a way." If God is to make a way after all the years you have gone through what you have been through, he would have made a way. The truth is he may never make a way.

I bet Lazarus prayed that God would make a way for him but God didn't. Lazarus died poor and wished he could eat the crumbs that the rich left behind. Dogs licked Lazarus' sores. Lazarus died poor, broke and hungry. So I am not going to say that God will make a way for you. He may not.

I pray for those who have had marriage break ups who wonder "how did this happen?" I pray for single people who thought waiting on God for the right person to come would come but that person never came.

It’s the biggest test on your faith and your heart when things don't turn out as you believed God would make it happen for you. Then you realise that all these years you were taught wrong about God and how God does things. In an instant he can send angels to turn your situation around by the time you wake up the next morning or he may not.

God's word says "my thoughts are not your thoughts." So it’s time to stop waiting on God and make moves in the direction you aim to go in. If it works out then good. If not, then at least you tried.
You have to mentally be on your cross with your hands and feet nailed to your cross. Die spiritually and give up your ghost to God.

Whatever happens from now on, try and do something to make your situation work. It may have just needed you to do something for your fantastic change. If after you have done all you can and you die, know that Lazarus went to paradise when he died.

After this world is paradise for those who keep faith in God regardless of how things turned out in this life. Hundreds of people die every day around the world. Some are poor. Some are rich. Keep the faith and make it to paradise. And remember, things can turn around for you by the morning by a miracle if it is supposed to happen for you.

Peter Hutchinson

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