Saturday, 10 October 2015

Suspicious Amazon

Suspicious Amazon

This is not the first time I have been suspicious of Amazon concerning my books. At one time I noticed the mysterious removal of five 5 Star ratings disappeared at the same time. 

I was contacted by a person who bought Revealed At Last and they said they left a comment weeks ago but it did not show up on Amazon. They left another comment and still it did not register.

I do believe the truth is being suppressed on purpose because my books Revealed At Last and I Left Church To Find God have both got information that has surprised and opened the eyes of people.

So instead of getting the books from Amazons website, get it directly from the distribution company as I have been suspicious of the accounting practices also of Amazon. Even though it says, "An Amazon Company," Createspace works separately when it comes to accounting. I have found that the distribution company Createspace, works well.

See for yourself the information that “someone” does not want you to see.


This is the direct link for information for I Left Church To Find God CLICK HERE 

This is the direct link for information for Revealed At Last CLICK HERE


If you wish to leave a review about the book you read you can do so in the comment section at this link CLICK HERE


The truth can only be stopped from spreading if you are not talking about it. Read “Revealed At Last” and then you will see why these books are not supposed to reach people to set them free.

When you read it, tell someone about it. It can help them too. 

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