Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wealthy Christians - FINANCIAL CRASH - China - NYSE Glitch

Wealthy Christians: FINANCIAL CRASH - China - NYSE Glitch

8th July 2015 China has a terrible stock market crash. $3.5 Trillion wiped out.

Just 4 days earlier China took part in an "unprecedented" military drill with around 100 warships and tens of naval aviation planes. Click Here to see report.

8th July 2015 The New York Stock Exchange has a computer “glitch.”

These two events on the same day? Coincidence?

Another warning for wealthy Christians. Your bank accounts are only insured up to US$250,000 or GBP£85,000 per person.

This is another warning to use the money above this amount for good before the inevitable happens. This is not the first warning in recent weeks I have reported on finance. God always makes sure you are given a chance to prepare before anything happens. 

Again, this message is for wealthy Christians.

See link for more information that I have shared before this crash in China happened.  CLICK HERE