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I posted just ONE MONTH ago in May 2015 about the financial situation facing Christian millionaires.

From 29th June 2015, Greece is NOT opening their banks for at least 7 DAYS!

Since Greece has had financial problems in recent years, suicide has jumped to 45%.


If this is the beginning of a worldwide financial crash wealthy Christians are going to lose thousands if not millions of dollars.

From financial sources online I found out that US bank accounts are insured for up to $250,000 and UK bank accounts up to £85,000 per person.

With what is happening now, there needs to be something that can keep Christians and potential new believer’s, minds at ease.

If you are a wealthy Christian who has over $250,000 or over £85,000 - or you are a church leader - I suggest that you order copies of the book Revealed At Last  as an investment for when the crash happens to either give away or resell. Knowledge is what is going to be needed in these times.


Revealed At Last is a book that came into existence by a miracle. The subjects are for this time in history.

Inside you will find chapters on a prophecy about the lesbian and gay sexual activities in the church (which is happening today) and the shocking outcome; how to develop yourself, understanding Christ in a way you could not have imagined; how to deal with contemplating suicide and other great subjects that will speak to your soul.

Revealed At Last has been read by Influential people.  

Pastor David Lankford said, “"Very different approach and writing.  ...keep sharing the gospel.”

On behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury his Chaplain said, “I am pleased that you have responded so positively with this book."

Former British Conservative Party Politician Ann Widdecombe commented, "It was an interesting read."

A financial change is happening right now.

You can order Revealed At Last by Peter Hutchinson on Amazon.


To read the post,24 HOUR PROPHECY FULFILLED!!! $19 BILLION WIPED OUT!!! I wrote in May 2015 go to this link.


See video about the financial crisis.

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