Thursday, 10 April 2014

Peter Hutchinson - About Me


I was born in England UK. I am the youngest of 14 children. 2 years before I was born five of my siblings died in a house fire. Four sisters and a brother. They were all under the age of ten. When I was eight years old one of my sisters who was twenty-four years of age died in a car accident. With so much sadness the scene was pretty much set for me.

As an adult I began to question the purpose of life. I ended up calling out to the universe and saying “if you really exist God then you teach me.” Ever since then I was taken through situations that were terrible. Everything was removed from my life. Family, friends, belongings and even good health left me. For years I virtually had nothing. I studied the Bible from cover to cover to try and prove that God did not exist. I wrote down many things. I was given amazing revelations and wisdom that has surprised people.

I believe the things I found out were to be shared with people who need to hear the discoveries that were given to me.

To date I've had two books published in 2013, ‘Revealed At Last and ‘I Left Church To Find God.’ In 2014 three more books were released. 'Juanita Bynum What The Hell?' 'Infinite Opportunities' which is a short biography of my unusual life experiences, and a relationship guide called 'This Love Is Real'.

I have two main websites. 
1. My personal site 
2. My university site 

My experiences will hopefully make a great impact to your life. I suffered so much to gain the wisdom I now possess, but you don't have to go through what I went through.

If you do not have the time to take years out from work to go deep within and seek out questions about life, God and love, you can find out what I discovered. My book Revealed At Last is the best book to take you on a journey that has the ability to refresh you and open your eyes to see life in a more clearer way.
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 If you wish to get a deeper understanding of my painful journey, read the short book that is about my life Infinite Opportunities. Click on the cover.

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You can read in my books knowledge that you do not have to suffer to obtain. 

Peter Hutchinson

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